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Kiser Shawl Collar Sweatshirts

December 17, 2007




Kiser just released their first cut and sew piece, the Shawl Collar Sweatshirts. The shawl collar sweatshirt is an edgy take on a classic sweater style and is the beginning of our progression from a graphic t-shirt line into a full fashion line. Men’s and women’s available exclusively online at and This sweatshirt is so dope I can wait for the jump so I can get the red and black joint. Very official. I want to design a hat to go with it. Let me see what I can cook up. More on that later…….

Tommorow is…

December 17, 2007

The COOL….the second album from Lupe Fiasco, I will be doing an album review for it. I have waited it out. Resisted from the numerous single downloads and free leaks, covered my ears whenever people tried to tell me about it, So tomorrow will be the day of the COOL. Gettin up with the birds to take the train to cop. I will give you a full report of what I think.


Japan’s Nike Blazer Premium

December 17, 2007


Straight from Japan is this latest Blazer. Aside from a black toebox, the sneaker is comprised of almost all woven material. No word yet on availability stateside or elsewhere but we imagine they’ll drop eventually. The colorway is so beautiful anything with gold and black always looks fresh to me. If I ever get a chance best believe I will cop.

OriginalFakeXSantastic Hasheem

December 17, 2007


Back in June, it was revealed that artist Kaws was to throw in some characteristics from his trademark Companion figures with Tokyo Tribe character Hasheem to create a toy. Originally seen in grey, the end result seen here seems to have been altered with a new face. Check out the shirt on him, so mean and vicious.


Louis Vuitton x Richard Prince ‘Big City After Dark’ Collection

December 17, 2007



As you may or may not know Louis Vuitton has had numerous artist and painters contribute to their collections. From Murakami to Richard Prince. This latest collection is by Mr. Prince and is called Big City after dark. The color usage is crazy nice, and poppin. By me being an artist before a designer, I can really appreciate the Louie collaborations.

Trilly and Truly

December 17, 2007



Nice, Lupe’s Trilly and Truly is dropping its latest, The collection titled Fall of Rome (F.O.R.) includes Lupe’s personal touches and themes of love on swagger’s high end approach to streetwear. I love how variations of black are used. Very official.

Knuckle Head kids..

December 17, 2007

Knuckle head kids

Check out the newest offering from The knuckle head kids. I dont know to much about the brand, but I do know this shirt is sick.Ive heard that the brand is a journey which follows the upbringing of two best friends Gogy Esparza and Shan Pooviriyakul. This makes the brand very interesting to me. When I know more about them I will let you know.

10 Deep Holiday….

December 15, 2007


Check out what 10 deep has for the holiday season. Man the bubble vest is serious. One of my favorite colorways of all time.

BK projects skytops

December 14, 2007


I officially think the Supra Skytops are my favorite sneakers. Man these are so beautiful. The shoe features an array of materials such as zebra hair and patent leather. These are very limited and will definitely sell out quick. I know I will not be able to cop, sooo im going to just dream about rocking them.


December 14, 2007