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G-Shock Colors

January 25, 2008


Gotta cop one…or all three

Jim Crow: The House of Crow

January 25, 2008


Im not really sure how I feel about this TGB spring collection, Jim Crow: The house of Crow…I cant help but feel a hint of Racism. Maybe Im reading too much into it. Well if you like it check it out.

Greedy Genius Apache

January 24, 2008


I was never a Huge fan of Greedy Genius (I have a thing for high tops) But these Newest additions are crazy dope. Got a retro Jordan feel and the colorway is very nice. I have a strong feeling that these will pop when they are released. More info after the Jump…..

Supra Comakazi

January 24, 2008


Once again Supra is doing the most right now. These Chad Muska “Comakazi” editions are crazy. Featuring the zebra and the red/black colorway these will fit perfectly in almost any collection.

Supra Trinity

January 24, 2008




When I seen these I knew who made them. Supra has been Killing the sneaker game. These are called the Trinity. They have a combination of snakeskin and leather and a strap. Man these are beautiful to me. I will be searching for these…I told myself I wouldn’t spend over 200$ on a single sneaker in 2008…but these just might be worth the 210$ price tag. Very High quality.

Converse Weapon

January 24, 2008



These Converse Weapons are very fresh and they match perfectly with a certain Popular bandanna…..


Levi’s Vintage

January 24, 2008



Levi’s is by far my favorite jeans brand. 75% of all the jeans I own are Levi’s. They will be droppin a Vintage line that I will most definitely be all over. You can’t go wrong with a fresh pair of Levi’s.

Valentine’s Day Massacre

January 24, 2008


Valentine’s day is next month, and if you want to play cupid for a sneakerhead, you should cop these. These P-rod II Valentine’s day massacres will most definately tell your special someone you love them. Or if you don’t have a Valentine just get these for yourself and style on all those lovebirds out there.

Takashi Murakami Prints

January 24, 2008




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These are the New paintings from Takashi Murakami. Murakami has been working hard these last couple of years. If you came anywhere near Kanye’s graduation cd then you have seen some of his work. Check out his other works, you wont be disappointed. The newest paintings include “Mamu Came From the Sky”, “Planet 66”, “Planet 66: Summer Vacation”, and “Yoshiko and the Creatures from Planet 66”. These will be available at the Kaikai Kiki store

Coarsetoys “Flake”- Pain Edition

January 17, 2008





I dont know what it is about the colors red, gray and black but it just seems so official to me. This upcoming release from CoarseToys is called the “Flake” Pain Edition. The figure stands 25 inches tall and will come in a wooden box. These will only be available at Vans stores and will retail 320$ USD Look out for them late January