Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool…


I know im a little behind on the review but the holiday proved to be a little too much. But here with no further adieu….

At first glance the album art and marketing for this album seems to be dark or evil. From the Skeleton hands to the dark colors used, it gives a mysterious feel to the album, but a listen to the first couple tracks will change your mind. The sequencing on the album works very well. It seems to go from braggadocio Lupe “The coolest” with tracks like Superstar, Go Go gadet flow, and Gold watch to modest, thoughtful Lupe with message tracks like Little weapon, Hip hop saved my life and my favorite track, Fighters. Once again Lupe flows effortlessly over the albums nice production. The albums biggest blunder is the Snoop/Pooh bear collabo, Hi-definition. This songs doesnt feel natural, for either Lupe or Snoop. While both bring a lyrical punch to the track, something just doesnt fit right. I think a few other tracks could have been canned, (Put you on Game and Streets on Fire) but Overall I really like the album and think its a good follow up to Food and Liquor.





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