Air Jordan x Nike Fusion


These are the newest preview of the Jordan/Nike hybrid. This sneaker takes the Jordan 5 and mashes it with the Nike Air Force 1. The blue color looks bomb against the black, not really feeling the red stitching. All in all still a dope sneaker. No info on the release. More after the jump….


6 Responses to “Air Jordan x Nike Fusion”

  1. maurice Says:

    them shoes shows are so sexy ill buy them for 1000000000000

  2. meng Says:

    yo these are the dream sneakers but i got other ones trillz lol

  3. Nikki Douglas Says:

    These are hot even though i am a gurl i still will rock these junks if you want you can send the to me At Cheraw S.C 29520 103A Fred Harris D.R

  4. Keenan Says:

    i got fusions in red n i got some in rainbo colorz an in baby blu n black dey iz crazy

  5. swayson Says:

    i just got 1 but dam!!!!!!!!!!! i shoulda got that colour, its crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. keysha Says:

    i got some red and black but they fly though holla

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