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Whats Love??

March 31, 2008


Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?? Available at the Goodness shop!

Ato Matsumoto Cow Hide Boots

March 31, 2008


I remember when I first seen these on Lupe’s myspace page. My mouth dropped, I love these kicks. I think the concept is just beautiful. And now they’re in Silver! These Ato Matsumoto Cow Hide Boots are becoming very popular. A lot of people recognize Kanye for breaking them over here in the states when he donned a pair for his Stronger video. For 2008 the Japanese designer will be dropping these three fresh colorways. Me being a fan of High Tops, and a fan of straps, it doesn’t get too much better than these. But at a price of 30,450Yen, which is about $305 USD, these cost a pretty penny.




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America’s Best Dance Crew!!!

March 28, 2008





Im happy that they won, they really deserved it. This dance crew has inspired at lot of people and developed a “cult” like following among fans. I don’t really watch too much T.V. especially reality and contest type shows but I had to check out what the fuss was about and I was really impressed. They did there thing. Big up to the the JABBAWOCKEEZ…(love that name…reminds me of my star wars days.)

and if you havent already checked it, check out there website…

Back to the 80’s (JFW)

March 28, 2008

Good Look

Max B Shot…

March 28, 2008


Its crazy because I was just listening to Million Dollar Baby 2…

This is the full report from

Last night, I got word that Max B had been attacked at a used car dealership in Queens and targeted for a diamond-studded watch.

This morning, birdie hit me to say that Max B had been shot.

This afternoon, an insider assured me that Max was “ok,” and that he had no comment about the possibility that he was shot. However, Max did insist that he was not robbed.

Early this evening, a woman who introduced herself as Max B’s publicist, reached out to clarify that Max B was indeed shot, and was apparently, in critical condition.

Joli Adore says her client, Max, was shot twice last night. Once in the arm, once in the side. And that he fled the scene, sought medical attention but then opted to go home, rather than stay in a hospital. She emphasized the fact that he is currently in critical condition (which doesn’t seem safe or sterile). When I asked if the shooting was related to those earlier attack reports, Max (via Joli) said that the incident happened in Long Island, not Queens, and again denied that he was robbed. Max did want to assure his fans that he is alive and said, “look out for Domain Pain, the mixtape.”

The whole situation still seems pretty murky, given that there are conflicting accounts about the altercation. Not to mention, how can you be in critical condition…at the crib? That’s downright deadly!

But, for better or more likely for worse, I think we’ll be hearing/seeing more on this situation soon.

Is anyone looking at the endgame here? All this violence is not the move.

LaughHouse:OH NO!

March 28, 2008

Shout out to Tay for putting this in a facebook note, had me rollin.

Cassie in GQ: Video

March 28, 2008

Behind the scenes of the GQ shoot.

Nicki Minaj-Sucka Free

March 27, 2008



Miss Nicki is back with another mixtape called Sucka Free, and as you can see the promo for it is crazy. A little “Hardcore” anyone?? I try not to get caught up in her looks because aside that she really impresses me on the mic but with promotion like this its hard not to. I copped her last mixtape “Playtime is over” and it was dope. If you get a chance to check that one out, check out my favorite tracks Dreams ’07 and Click Clack.

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Nicki Minaj feat. Jadakiss -Dirty Money Biz

Jam of the Week…

March 27, 2008


Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell-Sets up

From the new Ego Tripping album.(which is a nice album by the way)

The robot that understands

March 27, 2008


This 5-pound, 11-inch-tall android is called ApriPoko, and is capable of learning how to control electronics by watching you and asking questions about your behavior. When you use an infrared device, the robot senses the signal and asks the user “What did you just do?” If you say something akin to “I turned on the TV,” it will commit the command to memory, and you can operate those functions by voice. Now thats something every couch potato should have.