Max B wants out..



In the midst of all the Dipset drama, Max B has reportedly said he wants out of Dipset. Max B is one of my favorite artist from Dipset. In my opinion Max gave a lot to Dipset, and made some good music over there. “Ballin” was Max’s single about 70% of the tracks on Jim Jones’s last CD featured Max. He told MTV on Mixtape Monday…

“No disrespect, but they do the shit that Diddy do,…. But even though Diddy don’t write rhymes, he writes checks. These niggas don’t write checks. They just steal rhymes. ‘Milli Vanilli 2012, Girl You Know It’s True the LP.’ They ain’t right over there….Last time we spoke was a couple months ago, And it was ugly. And there’s no way possible in this lifetime can the differences be settled. Biggavel wants out.”

In the words of Max B
“It ain’t wavy over there…”


One Response to “Max B wants out..”

  1. Jersey Says:

    Jones a sucker and yea i know that clown,,let out a dutch on his face Vell

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