Nicki Minaj…


I know you probably heard Lil Wayne on tracks talking bout a female artist named Nicki Minaj….When I heard her spit I was really impressed and then I ran across this picture, and video of her. Check her out. She’s pretty dope, her skills are on point…and she knows it. She reminds me of a young Foxy or Lil Kim (before the fame). Oh and she’s the president of her own company, Dirty Money, top that!

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8 Responses to “Nicki Minaj…”

  1. Lve Nicki Minaj Says:

    Shiit… She spit hot fire… I luv nicki all the way

  2. boogie b Says:

    I like Nicki Minaj and yess she is a young foxy brown

    since we’re on the topic of foxy.. check out foxys new mixtape “the inga sessions” here:

  3. Becca the Promo Mami/StreetLand HeartWear Says:

    she’s sexy and she’s decent with the rapping too

  4. Mata Mata Says:

    She got it.

  5. DaVa Says:

    I lOvE nIcKi MaNaJ sHeS dA bEsT fEmAlE rApPEr DaT I eVa HeArD nD sHeS mAdD PrEtTy I lOvE dAt ChIcK

  6. boobie Says:

    nickio minaj is ok but i never heard of her until ma boo told me abiout her hehe

  7. nesha Says:

    i luv nicki minaj before i heard her i did not like rap music only r&b but when you hear her spit it’s like something you never heard before shes my new idol


  8. Shunay Says:

    nicki minaj is da baddest BITCH period point blank!? she’s da bitch getting rated from da top niggqz in da game , not even females niggaz , lilwayne signed her & he only fucks wit da best so that should speak for itself


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