Death of….

With the upcoming redesign of the site and the blog I will be having special features that highlight things that go on in Popular culture and the urban world around us. First up is the “Death Of…” feature. This category will have special posts that are dedicated to things that just went out of style, or got “played out”.

First up on the list is….

The Pimp Cup
A pimp cup is a challis type glass with diamonds or some similar type of stones attached to it. Usually compliments a playa or pimp. Used by Pimps worldwide. Made famous by Lil Jon. Killed by Commercialization.
R.I.P. 2002-2004.


One Response to “Death of….”

  1. .-[K.$!M]-. Says:

    CooL Idea && Ur ABSOLUTELY RiGHT!!! Lol i Never Liked it in The First Place… Kinda Corny..

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