The Next Feature is called the SwaggerJacked section. In this section I will be posting blatant rip offs of designs and art work. It bothers me when designers and artist take someone else’s work and RIP it COMPLETELY off. If you take ideas, concepts or even a design and tweak it and make it your own using your own creativity, I respect that. I know, like you should know, that there’s nothing new under the sun. But please take the time out and at least TRY to be creative….

First up is……
The Swagger: Prada’s America Cup sneakers


The Jacker: Fila Helmsman


The designs differ very little. Even the colorway is the same. Sorry Hurricane Chris…But I wouldn’t wear these with your feet.


2 Responses to “SwaggerJacked”

  1. Tashur Says:

    I know right!
    I dont like them either

  2. .-[K.$!M]-. Says:

    ThiS Pisses me Off [Lol]
    && Believe it 0R NoT..
    Ive Seen MADD Dudes Stuntin Hard Wit Deese Lol Tryna Cover it Up Wit Dey Jeans n StuF But I Kno Da Difference(s)..
    one werd tho.

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