Nicki Minaj-Sucka Free



Miss Nicki is back with another mixtape called Sucka Free, and as you can see the promo for it is crazy. A little “Hardcore” anyone?? I try not to get caught up in her looks because aside that she really impresses me on the mic but with promotion like this its hard not to. I copped her last mixtape “Playtime is over” and it was dope. If you get a chance to check that one out, check out my favorite tracks Dreams ’07 and Click Clack.

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Nicki Minaj feat. Jadakiss -Dirty Money Biz


One Response to “Nicki Minaj-Sucka Free”

  1. Lil' RUCKAZ-NorthSIDE DON MILLZ/SOUTHside Victoria Park Says:

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dis is LIL’ RUCKAZ yo i copped NICKI MINAJ’z first mixtape it was soooooo damn dope, i gotta cope this one, i swear this girl can be a fuckin porn star, she’s lookin so damn proper it’s unbelievable……… shout out to LIL’ WAYNE!!! shout out to YOUNG MONEY/CASH MONEY the whole crew her flow is sooooo sik, I hope she comes out soon with her album sooon NICKI MINAJ, LIL WAYNE, YOUNG MONEY/CASH MONEY, DIRTY MONEY shout out to FENDI!! I’m out DIS BITCH!!

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