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Sergio Rossi Pumps

March 13, 2008


These are cold. The paint drip is my whole trademark. If I was to every do a pump it would look something like this (except it would have a mouth and be purple paint). These beauties are from Sergio Rossi. Yea, he killed it.


Loewe Amazona Bag

March 13, 2008


These are the latest designs from Loewe. The Vinyl Amazona Bag are clear with a colored haze. The accent colors really make them stand out. If you like these, be ready to empty out your pocketbook. The price tag is US$1370 each!

Raspberry Blazers

March 13, 2008


Ladies check out these Raspberry Blazers Now available at Kendo LA. Very nice colorway.

Linda Farrow Vintage Shades

March 13, 2008



These shades are from the British Label Linda Farrow Vintage. This season they are doing a collaboration with some big names in fashion such as Bernhard Willhelm, Raf Simons and one of my favorite designers Jeremy Scott. Be sure to check it out. It looks very interesting. More info after the jump…

N.A.H.U.L.’s Air Force 1

March 13, 2008


This beautiful creation is a destroy and rebuild of a pair of Air Force 1s. N.A.H.U.L. is the artist behind this piece that will be shown at Sneaker Pimps 2008 Mexico. Its amazing how he made it look like a skull with a mouth and everything. Very nice.

Gum Sculptures

March 13, 2008




Wow this is truly dope. Maurizio Savini did these sculptures out of CHEWED bubble gum. This is crazy. The detail and amount of craftsmanship that went into each of these pieces is amazing.

Popular Goodness Spring

March 13, 2008


Its almost here!! The spring line drops next week. We got a lot of new fresh styles for the spring line and I been working on the website for a minute. Im really pleased with the way things are turning out. The shop is updated and a lot better than the last one Im getting excited about this launch because in my opinion its the best one yet. More info after the jump!!!…..stay tuned to that Goodness!

Jordan Hybrid Bags

March 10, 2008




I’m a big fan of innovative concepts and unique ideas. Check out this Jordan Hybrid bag. The whole concept is crazy, the base of the bag looks exactly like the Jordan VII. I just got put up on this concept but it seems they dropped a hybrid bag before based on the Jordan III. I like the Jordan III bag the best though. Dope concepts.


Nicki Minaj…

March 10, 2008


I know you probably heard Lil Wayne on tracks talking bout a female artist named Nicki Minaj….When I heard her spit I was really impressed and then I ran across this picture, and video of her. Check her out. She’s pretty dope, her skills are on point…and she knows it. She reminds me of a young Foxy or Lil Kim (before the fame). Oh and she’s the president of her own company, Dirty Money, top that!

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March 6, 2008


Check out these Nikes….sure to make you ladies all warm and fuzzy inside.