Glow in the dark…ATL

It all started with a tour flyer. I remember when I seen the flyer for the tour, I was so excited about the possibilities. Kanye, and Lupe are two of my favorite rappers. I have faith in their music, so I bought the hard copy of all 3 of Kanye’s albums and both of Lupe’s albums. I rarely feel motivated to go out and buy CDs, but they inspire me and I try to support them in any way. I also love NERD and I know for a fact that they put on a crazy show.(I bought “In my Mind” also) Rihanna was just icing on the cake.

When the tour started, blog posts and videos started popping up all over the internet and I did my best to stay away from them. Avoiding everything that had something to do with Glow in the dark, I tried to keep my composure until the show came to my town. The glow in the dark tour came to ATL May 4th. It was crazy! First off it started ON TIME…matter of fact it started a minute early. Lupe was first up and I really enjoyed his performance. I wondered why he had such a little space to perform in, but I found out later. He performed all of my favorites except Fighters. I think that his performance was a good opener. Full of energy and swagger. Next up cam NERD. THEY ROCKED the crowd. Pharrell had us moving from side to side and then spazzing out. It was crazy to see a sold out crowd being controlled by one man. I really enjoyed NERD’s performance. Chris Brown, Bow Wow, and Musiq were all on stage dancing for the NERD performance. Then Rihanna came on and did her thing. I was surprised how many grown men were singing Umbrella and going crazy for Rihanna. Then it was Kanye’s turn…

For me, Kanye is more than an artist, more than a style icon, the level of creativity and passion that he puts in his music is the same way I feel about design. A lot of the things he raps about and talks about I can relate to and I think a lot of young America can also. People say things and criticize his actions and the things he says, but at the end of the day you cant really deny talent and skill. When they drew back the curtain I realized why all of the other artists had a small space to perform in. The set for Kanye’s performance was like a deserted planet with a space ship crashed in the center. All of the sneak peeks and pictures could not compare to the actual visuals that Kanye’s performance produced. The smoke, the lighting, the screens…everything came together to make one big picture. I was really inspired by his performance and what he tried to express to the crowd. The tour in my opinion was flawless….well almost. The only thing that tainted the experience was when Lupe came out for the LAST song, Touch the sky. After he performed his part, Lupe began dancing and then he slipped. He fell and hit his head on the stage. But he got up and continued so fast that if you blinked, you would have missed it. For me, this tour was one of the most visually stimulating shows that I have ever been to, and I think it will forever inspire me.


One Response to “Glow in the dark…ATL”

  1. Kevin Says:

    yo I agree kanyes like the most talented dude out
    but lupe fell on his head though…fnf up

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