WOW…ok so my homie in Korea sent me these pics of what looks 100% like a Popular Goodness Bandanna….except for the little BR&NEW logo thing. They say imitation is the best form of flattery and what not but these people flippin BIT MY ISH NASTY STYLE!!! Like most bootleggers have generic colors or like it looks poorly done but this ish IS EXACTLY like my stuff…I guess I officially made it now huh?…Im disgusted…lol so if you EVER see this ish PLEASE slap the face of whoever is selling it to you and tell them that McFly is coming for their head…lol PG for life


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4 Responses to “IMITATION!!!!”

  1. She Bangz Says:

    well u should be supper flattered my dude
    but i would be mad lolz

  2. LlaiNie Says:

    WOWWWWW. Thats some effed up shit there. LOL @ them biting ya shit, but it looks oober fake anyways. We know the real deal.

  3. OMG Says:

    WOW I would be angry as hell, but I guess you have made it you got people jocking you style

  4. cashmerethought Says:



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