BET cancels RAP CITY

BET network has confirmed plans to cancel its long-running Hip-Hop series Rap City, effective by the end of this month.

Created by broadcasting veteran Alvin Jones in 1989, the video series chronicled Hip-Hop’s growing video music market, competing directly with Yo! MTV Raps.

The fledgling series was able to distinguish itself from its larger MTV competitor by not just focusing on mainstream rappers, but also championing videos and interviews from underground and up and coming artists.

I seen this coming…because personally I think Q45 is the WORSE…I hate this guy…lol I dont know why, I never met him and I dont know what really makes me hate him its just something about him…I think he’s a loser…lol but heres what they said about Tigger

Since Tigger’s 2005 departure, the show failed to establish a concise direction, running through a myriad of hosts and focusing on commercial artists, which failed to showcase Hip-Hop’s diverse talent pool as done years before.

Consequently, the show was reduced to a one hour time slot as rating suffered.

The final Rap City episode will commence on October 29, making it the longest running Hip-Hop program at 19 years.

At press time, the show is scheduled to be replaced by The Deal, an hour long video series hosted by DJ Diamond Kutz on November 10

The pic after the jump are for comedic purposes only lol…



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